Wellbeing At School

For Staff

Staff within schools have a role which is ever expanding to encompass new responsibilities both pastoral and academic.  In order maintain this role successfully, teachers and other members of staff need to maintain their own wellbeing.  In an environment where staff are pulled in a multitude of directions, looking after personal wellbeing can be a tall order. The Guardian newspaper reported last year that the number of teachers seeking mental health support in 2018 had risen 35% from the previous year.  The same article described teaching and support staff as being at breaking point, with the main culprit for the cause of this being cited as stress.

At Essential Self we promote emotional wellbeing in schools through three main principles:

  • Resilience:
    This focuses on reconnecting with inner strength and the idea that we can reduce negativity by enhancing confidence and flexibility in the face of anything that life throws at us.
  • Stress Release:
    This is about learning how to let go of all the demands and stress which build-up on a daily basis, undermining our wellbeing and leaving us with negative emotions.
  • Positive Attitude:
    This principle focuses on the idea of acceptance and living life as it comes by ‘taking the rough with the smooth’.

We use these principles as a focus and framework to promote overall wellbeing.  Through this framework, Essential Self can offer a number of packages which tackle stress and other wellbeing issues head-on:

MindBody Workshops:

Using a variety of physical exercises combined with mindfulness, meditation and some positive psychology techniques, these workshops use the mind/body link to promote a holistic approach to wellbeing.  They focus on the three core principles of Resilience, Stress Release and Positive Attitude.The workshops can each be used as a single experience or can be completed as a series.  They each last 3 hours in total and are run in conjunction with Siren Fitness.

Mindfulness Workshops:

One of the key ways we promote wellbeing at Essential Self is through mindfulness.  Mindfulness is becoming recognised as an important way to enhance wellbeing as it can reduce the symptoms of stress, give better focus and clarity and improve interpersonal relationships.  Within these workshops we introduce you to mindfulness and show you how to use it to boost your resilience, promote stress release and increase positive attitude.

These workshops last 2 hours plus a break, and can each be used as a single experience or can be completed as a series.

Mind Tools:

These are hour-long sessions which teach individuals how to use a variety of psychological tools designed to promote the three key areas of Resilience, Stress Release and Positive Attitude.  Together, they provide a solid foundation from which emotional wellbeing can be improved and maintained.  They can be used as individual sessions or as a series over 3 weeks.

Stress Management:

Stress management is a key focus for wellbeing within schools.  It deals the whole process of stress and enables individuals to understand aspects such as self-awareness and identifying triggers whilst providing individuals with the skills to deal with, and find solutions for their own day-to-day stress. Stress management can be provided for individuals on a one-to-one basis using a coaching framework.  Alternatively, we can deliver two-hour workshops.

For Pupils – Key Stage 4 and Sixth Form

Whilst it is normal for all people regardless of age to experience stress, for some young people, the process of growing-up alongside the demands of school, can create chronic stress and anxiety.  At Essential Self we recognise the importance of providing pupils with the means to successfully cope with day-to-day stress and pressures, so that small issues don’t turn into long-term difficulties. There are a variety of factors which can cause stress and other issues in young people and our talks and workshops aim to reflect this:

MindBody Workshops:

These workshops are offered to teachers and pupils alike, as they can be tailored to the needs and concerns of the age group.  With pupils, we use the three principles of Resilience, Stress Release and Positive Attitude to address concerns which are relevant to them.

Emotional Wellbeing Workshops:

Essential Self provide 2-hour workshops for young people which address areas such as: Promoting Wellbeing, Stress Management and Body Confidence.

Facilitated Discussions:

Essential Self can provide facilitated discussions or seminars which focus on a variety of themes such as body confidence, mental health and stress.  They are an hour in length and aim to discuss issues of concern, promote reflection, as well as making suggestions for practical solutions and where to get help.

All workshops and sessions take place on school premises and can be tailored to school requirements.

Prices are available on enquiry and after discussing individual need.

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