Welcome to Essential Self, a mental health and wellbeing service which helps businesses and individuals to thrive.

“Emma is a person of absolute integrity… Her sensitivity, understanding and humour ensured that the coaching sessions were highly productive and I left feeling that I had benefited immensely from her approach”


“Emma really helped me get on the right track. I knew I wanted to make some changes but I wasn’t sure what. Emma helped me focus on what it was I really wanted and showed me ways I could pursue it. Highly recommended.”


“I had the virus in the very early days of lockdown; instead of trying to struggle through I listened to that “inner wisdom” and let my body rest and recover……. Quite a contrast to how I would have reacted prior to the sessions with you”


“I highly recommend Emma’s coaching to anyone, as it really helped me through a pressured time in my life. I am a working mum who has a complex home life and became very overwhelmed with day to day stuff. Emma helped me work through the issues practically and really empathised so I felt very supported. I still use the strategies now and feel I can get back some focus, strength and control to deal with stressful times.”


Through Essential Self, I offer a unique approach to improving your mental health and wellbeing.

One-to-one brain training for mental health is a similar approach to personal training for physical health – but instead of improving your physical health, you improve your mental health ‘fitness’ through exercising different psychological muscles. This is done by assessing individual need and providing the right ‘brain exercises’ to deal with whatever difficulty an individual might be experiencing.

The brain training exercises for mental health are also available through my workshops which are designed to raise awareness, increase understanding and provide real solutions.

This support is for:

Your business and employees If you want better mental health and wellbeing as an outcome within the workplace. I can help teams become more cohesive; teach managers to increase their mental health skills and assist individual employees to boost their resilience.

You as a self-referring individual If you want to understand and improve your own unique mental health. I can guide you to restore your self-belief; show you how to gain mental strength by learning new psychological skills and help you overcome any difficulties you might be experiencing.

Take a look at Helping Workplaces to Thrive or Helping Individuals to Thrive to see how I might be able to support you.

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