Welcome to Essential Self, a service offering support, coaching, and workshops to help promote emotional wellbeing at home, work and at school.

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Here at Essential Self we are aware that living in today’s world can be difficult – with constant demands, pressures, things to do and things to sort. This stressful way of being can exist at home or at work, it can affect us at any age and can exist in any walk of life. The constant hurly-burly we all experience can undermine our resilience, drain our confidence and start to cause problems with our mental wellbeing.

Providing an individually-tailored service, Essential Self is here to help deal with any existing emotional wellbeing concerns such as stress, anxiety and depression. We also provide mental health promotion to boost emotional resilience and prevent problems from occurring in the future. We do this by identifying specific areas of need within wellbeing and by teaching people how to use different tools to meet their needs. Some of the skills we teach include Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioural Coaching and practical Stress Management techniques such as time management and prioritising workload.

We provide a service for individuals – ‘Wellbeing for You’ which offers one-to-one Emotional Wellbeing Coaching, Daily Mind Training and Mindfulness and Stress Management.  In addition, we provide wellbeing support for businesses – ‘Wellbeing at Work’ which gives employers and employees assistance through a variety of packages including group and one-to-one sessions. We also help support teachers and pupils from Key Stage 4 in schools with our ‘Wellbeing at School’ service.

The first step is to consider which service would suit your needs:

The second step is to email us or give us a call for advice, to book an assessment, or just to find out more.

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