Based in the Yorkshire Dales, Essential Self has been established to provide mental health and wellbeing support for businesses and employees.

I have two main aims within the support I provide:

To help businesses implement mental health and wellbeing within the workplace in a way that is individualised, holistic and meaningful.

To empower individuals to take control of their own mental health and wellbeing; to support them in finding solutions which work for them and to help them have more choice and agency in their workplace experience.

The support I provide is implemented through a coaching framework and is based on personal and professional experience.

My journey to becoming a mental health coach started at the age of 15 with my own experience of mental ill-health.  After a long and difficult process of ‘soul-searching’ and putting myself back together, I recovered and subsequently qualified as a mental health nurse in 2006. Since then, I have worked as a nurse-manager, staff-nurse, and mentor. As well as gaining further qualifications in teaching, I completed an accredited diploma in coaching after becoming aware of the real, positive difference to wellbeing that this approach can have.

As a result of my personal and professional experience, I have clear values which I try to embed in the support I provide for mental health and wellbeing:

1) I called my business Essential Self, because this is a term used to describe the true self. My belief is that this lies at the heart of all of us, but for a variety of reasons (mainly life!) we can become disconnected from it.

2) You might think that because of this belief, my approach might be a bit ‘woo-woo’. In fact, I use a straightforward approach, helping individuals to find workable solutions that work for them in whatever difficulties they might be experiencing.

3) I use a coaching model to support people, as I don’t believe mental health support should focus solely on an illness narrative. Because of this, I massively believe in assisting people with the right help at the right time.

4) My approach is partly inspired by a mental health nurse. When I received support, it was a mental health nurse who had the greatest impact just by being ‘human’ with me. As a result, I try to approach mental health by balancing professional knowledge with ‘being human’.

Alongside running Essential Self, I am married with two young children, and continue to work part-time as a Mental Health Nurse. In my very rare me-time, I enjoy gardening, walking in the hills and supporting conservation charities.

If you are a business leader, owner or manager looking for support for your colleagues, then you can contact me for a chat or advice.  Likewise, if you are an employee that might benefit from a bit of help, then I’m always happy to have a chat.  I look forward to hearing from you,


Emma Davies BA (Hons), RMN, PGCE, Dip. Coach

Mindfulness Association Member