Based in the Yorkshire Dales, Essential Self has been established to provide a common sense approach to mental health and wellbeing support.

My mission is to offer a different way of helping people who are experiencing difficulties with their mental health by being pragmatic, straightforward, empowering and above all human.  My main way of being with clients is not to offer a miracle cure, nor to show myself off as an example of flawless mental wellbeing myself.  Rather, my objective is to help individuals accept themselves and to find a workable solution which works for them, without getting hung-up on the idea of perfection.

At school I loved the theatre. When I left at 18, initially I wanted to be an actor and my first degree was in theatre studies. But the world of acting is hard, and after struggling with difficulties in mental health, I felt I wanted to look for work which was more structured and also had some meaning for me. After a difficult process of ‘soul-searching’ and putting myself back together, I qualified as a mental health nurse in 2006. Since then, I have worked as a nurse-manager, staff-nurse, and mentor. As well as gaining further qualifications in teaching, I also gained a diploma in coaching  after becoming aware of the real, positive difference to wellbeing that this approach can have.

Within the support I offer, I use my life experience alongside my professional experience to maximise the help I can offer.  I believe in a pragmatic approach to mental health issues, so the way I work is very straightforward and focused on finding solutions to issues.

I like to push myself and increase my understanding of human nature, so I continue my professional development through education in areas such as Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioural Coaching and Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT). I am insured and receive regular supervision through an Association for Coaching approved coach.

Alongside running Essential Self, I am married with two young children, and continue to work part-time as a Mental Health Nurse. In my very rare me-time, I enjoy gardening, walking in the hills and supporting conservation charities.

If you feel you might need some support, then you can contact me for a chat or advice – I offer a free 1-hour discovery session. Looking forward to hearing from you,


Emma Davies BA (Hons), RMN, PGCE, Dip. Coach