Based in the Yorkshire Dales, Essential Self was established by me, Emma Davies, as a means of approaching emotional wellbeing in a way which removes the stigma of issues which affect us all.

Since qualifying as a mental health nurse in 2006, I have worked as a manager, staff nurse, teacher and mentor. These roles have cemented my belief that different individuals need help in different ways. I am also a firm believer in prevention and mental health promotion. This means that I feel we all have something to gain from practising emotional wellbeing exercises on a daily basis to keep our mental health in peak condition.

I set-up Essential Self to reflect these beliefs and provide a service which facilitates personal evolution and helps to restore emotional wellbeing. It enables me to use an approach where rather than attempting to ‘pigeon hole’ clients, I can focus on the individual, and work alongside people using a blend of appropriate methods to help them find their own way through their problems. Rather than hiding issues, or over-emphasising them, or medicalising them, or telling you how your life should be, we can work together to find solutions and a way forwards that is specific to you.

Alongside running Essential Self, I am married with two young children, and continue to work part-time as a Mental Health Nurse. In my very rare me-time, I enjoy gardening, walking in the hills and supporting conservation charities.

Emma Davies BA (Hons), RMN, PGCE, Acc. Coach

UK College of Personal Development
UK College of Personal Development

Emma Davies
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