Why would I even need coaching? Shouldn’t I go to a counsellor if I don’t feel like myself?

It’s a good question, and one which needs answering because generally speaking it isn’t very clear whether someone should seek help from a psychologist, a coach or a counsellor. They are all different types of helping professional but it isn’t common knowledge what that difference actually is.

When somebody has a mental health condition, or they’ve been through a trauma or have deep-seated behavioural problems, then a psychologist or psychiatrist can help you deal with and treat that issue. A counsellor or psychotherapist has different skills which generally consist of talking to you and listening, with the aim of untangling emotional issues and helping you to see things more clearly. Generally, these models will get you from -10 to 0. Coaching is different, it doesn’t work within an illness model and works to help move you forwards from 0 to +10.

It’s about helping with your existing strengths and promoting existing wellbeing – even if you’re experiencing difficulties. It’s about being your best self, rather than treating you for a problem. So, it is really great for issues around feelings of being stuck, for finding solutions, clarity, resilience and generally for maximum functioning whether at home or at work. Coaching is about taking proactive steps towards the life you really want.

I offer 4 different types of coaching journey:

Free Discovery Session: Contact me to arrange a free 50 minute exploration session on Zoom or phone, to see if women’s personal development coaching is something you would benefit from. Let’s have a chat and see if there’s a way forward.

Coaching Journey 1: A single 90-minute, Intensive Coaching Session on Zoom. A no nonsense reboot to get you back on track. £80.

Coaching Journey 2: 6 x 1-hour one-to-one sessions on Zoom. A structured plan where you receive focused coaching, prescribed assignments, free resources, and follow-up support emails. £250 for 6 sessions.

Coaching Journey 3: Pay-As-You-Grow. This coaching is guided by process and progress. Whilst a coaching structure is present, it is more relaxed and open to change. So, you might want anything from one session to eight. You decide. You will receive one-to-one coaching on Zoom, free resources and prescribed assignments. £60 per session.

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