Mental Health At Home

Maybe you have read lots of self-help books, or maybe you are someone who has had counselling or therapy? Maybe you feel that you have dealt with and know where your issues have come from, but have a sense of ‘what next?’ or ‘how do I move forwards with this?’

Essential Self offers individuals the ability to take the next step with their mental health. We offer clear, flexible and evidence-based approaches focussing on practical changes you can make in your life to promote psychological strength and sustainable behaviour change.

Helping people with issues such as anxiety, depression and stress, utilising Emma’s experience as a registered mental health nurse, Essential Self provides support in the following ways:

Mental Health Coaching:

If you feel like you have become ‘stuck’, mental health coaching offers you a modern way of approaching psychological issues by providing you with the skills to deal with anything that is stopping you from moving forwards. This could include anything from struggling with difficult thoughts and impulsive behaviours to coping with unpleasant emotions. By using evidence-based methods such as Cognitive-Behavioural Coaching, Mindfulness, and Acceptance and Commitment Coaching alongside more standard methods of coaching such as problem-solving and goal-setting, we can help you create your own powerful and practical toolkit for truly transformative change.

Stress Management:

Essential Self provides one-to-one stress management. We can help guide you through your own personal experience of stress and understand specific elements such as triggers or any unhelpful thoughts and feelings you might be having. We then assist you in finding specific strategies and taking committed action to deal with both the psychological and practical elements of stress.

Mindfulness for Mental Health:

At Essential Self, one of the ways we promote mental health and wellbeing is through mindfulness. Within this approach we guide you in developing your present moment awareness through formal and informal techniques. We then help you to learn how to use mindfulness to build psychological flexibility which means you will be able to engage in valued behaviours and live your life even in the presence of unwanted thoughts and feelings.

Mental Health Workshops:

Essential Self also offers you support and mental health promotion through a variety of workshops covering different topics such as: Stress Management, mindfulness for mental health and ACT for anxiety and depression. These are available at different times and are advertised locally and through social media. When workshops become available, booking will be available through this website.

Mental Health Coaching: £35 for 60 minutes.

Mindfulness for Mental Health: £30 for 60 minutes.

Stress Management: £30 for 60 minutes

Disclaimer: This is not an acute or emergency mental health service. If you feel that you need immediate crisis assistance or support, then please contact your GP or local A&E department.

Emma Davies
Tel: 07486 607420