Mental Health At School

Whilst it is normal for all people regardless of age to experience stress, for some young people, the process of growing-up alongside the demands of school, can create chronic stress and anxiety. At Essential Self we recognise the importance of providing pupils with the means to successfully cope with day-to-day stress and pressures, so that small issues don’t turn into long-term difficulties. There are a variety of factors which can cause stress and other issues in young people and our talks and workshops aim to reflect this.

At Essential Self we promote emotional wellbeing for pupils in primary and secondary schools through:

Mental Health Workshops:

These 2 hour workshops can be tailored to be age appropriate and cover a range of themes: Stress management, mindfulness, body image, mental health awareness and confidence to be yourself.

Seminars and Talks:

Seminars and talks are a really great way of engaging with pupils and creating more awareness about emotional wellbeing. Essential Self can provide facilitated discussions or seminars which focus on a variety of themes such as body confidence, mental health and stress. They are an hour in length and aim to discuss issues of concern, promote reflection, as well as making suggestions for practical solutions and where to get help.

In addition to providing support for pupils, Essential Self acknowledge that staff within schools have a role which is ever expanding to encompass new responsibilities both pastoral and academic. In order maintain this role successfully, teachers and other members of staff need to maintain their own wellbeing. However, in an environment where staff are pulled in a multitude of directions, looking after personal wellbeing can be a tall order. Essential Self therefore provides support through:

Mental Health Workshops:

Essential Self provide 2-hour workshops which centre around a variety of themes: Stress Release, Positive Attitude, Resilience, Stress Management, Maximise Your Mental Health and Mindfulness. All of these workshops focus on wellbeing within the workplace, but for teachers they are tailored to help individuals deal with the very specific environment of working within a school.

Stress Management:

Essential Self can also provide teachers and other staff with one-to-one stress management. This approach focusses on the whole process of stress helping individuals to understand specific causes and triggers of stress within the school environment. By working to an individualised plan, we help teachers improve self-awareness and show individuals how to use a variety of psychological tools which will help them to manage their own experience of stress within the workplace.

Prices are available on enquiry and after discussing individual need. All initial telephone consultation is free so why not call Essential Self to discuss your needs?

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