Mental Health At Work

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have shown that 15.4 million working days were lost to work-related stress in 2017/18. These statistics also reveal that of all working days lost in the same year, 57% related to stress, anxiety and depression.

All of this is at a cost to the individual and to the employer.

It makes sense that if people manage to maintain their psychological wellbeing, then within work there will not only be reduced absence, but also: less presenteeism, greater creativity, improved decision making, better working relationships, improved focus, better management of challenges, reduced staff turnover and improved confidence in individuals. If employees feel fulfilled at work, then they will be eager to perform at their best. Better mental health therefore equals greater productivity.

Within the workplace it’s important to have a health and wellbeing programme that works for the individual organisation. At Essential Self, we understand this and promote psychological wellbeing and mental health through a variety of ways.

For Employees:

Mental Health Workshops:

We provide 2-hour workshops in the workplace which centre around a variety of themes: Stress Release, Positive Attitude, Resilience, Stress Management, Maximise Your Mental Health and Mindfulness. All of these workshops help individuals to identify key issues and provide them with the strategies and tools needed to enhance their wellbeing at work. We also provide 3-hour MindBody workshops in conjunction with Siren Fitness, which focus on a holistic approach to physical and psychological wellbeing.

Group Classes:

Essential Self can provide assistance for employees through weekly classes which teach groups about different aspects of mental health. During these hour-long sessions, individuals learn about specific conditions and different psychological tools with the aim of creating a more in-depth understanding.  Sessions can focus on a specific condition e.g. anxiety management, anger management, stress management. In addition, classes can be arranged to teach specific helping approaches such as mindfulness, cognitive behavioural techniques and ACTraining (see below).

Individual Coaching:

Sometimes employees need a bit of one-to-one time and individual support. Essential Self provides this in the form of mental health coaching to help with issues such as anxiety and depression, and also through stress management. Both these types of intervention are time limited to 6 sessions and focus on helping the individual to understand the nature of their difficulties with the intent of helping them move forwards again.

For Employers and Leaders:


Using the Stevenson Farmer 2017 report ‘Thriving at Work’ as a framework to provide best practice, Essential Self provides a consultation service for wellbeing in the workplace. We offer organisations an assessment of their existing mental health strategies with a view to providing further advice on how to make improvements.


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (said as one word ‘ACT’) is an evidence-based psychological intervention that uses acceptance and mindfulness techniques alongside behaviour change strategies. When applied to workplace settings, ACT is reframed as ACTraining to indicate the interventions are designed for general staff groups rather than people requiring therapy. It aims to improve performance and reduce stress by supporting the development of psychological flexibility. This psychological flexibility helps people to function more effectively, even while experiencing undesirable thoughts, feelings and physiological sensations. ACTraining is uniquely suited to help people perform in their jobs, particularly because for managers and leaders there are certain psychological states that underpin high performance. ACTraining can help improve: task focus, goal clarity, intrinsic motivation, behavioural flexibility and experiential avoidance. Essential Self can offer organisations ACTraining through one-off workshops, group teaching sessions or in a one-to-one context.

Prices are available on enquiry and after discussing individual need. All initial telephone consultation is free so why not call Essential Self to discuss your needs?

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