Wellbeing And You

Essential Self offers support for anyone who is experiencing difficulties with their emotional wellbeing. We can help you with specific problems such as low mood, anxiety, stress, anger and low self-esteem.

We can also work with you to provide mental health promotion. If you ever feel imbalanced, out of sync, or just don’t feel ‘right’, then Essential Self can help you gain clarity and really focus on areas in your life which may be troubling you. By doing this, we can help you to prevent smaller issues from becoming larger problems in the future.

Essential Self provides help in the following ways:

Emotional Wellbeing Coaching:

After completing a holistic assessment, we work with you to identify areas which are causing you the most difficulty and then we determine solutions to restore your life back to balance and help you move forwards again.

We use a blend of appropriate, evidence-based methods such as Cognitive-Behavioural Coaching, Mindfulness, and Acceptance and Commitment Coaching alongside the more traditional methods of coaching such as problem-solving and goal-setting. Sessions are facilitated through dialogue, worksheets, exercises, reflection and psychoeducation.

Because the service is fundamentally bespoke to each individual, we fit sessions around you and focus on your specific needs. So while some sessions might be supportive and therapeutic in nature, others might reflect the need for coaching and defining solutions. The number of sessions you might require is also dependent upon personal need. This means that Essential Self can offer you anything from short-term intervention to long-term continuous support.

Stress Management:

Essential Self can offer one-to-one stress management which will help you to understand your own personal experience of stress. We can assist you in identifying triggers and help you to find specific strategies to deal with both the psychological and practical elements of stress.

Mindfulness for Mental Health and Wellbeing:

At Essential Self, one of the main ways we promote mental health and wellbeing, is through mindfulness. Within this approach we guide you in developing your self-awareness and help you to understand and accept unhelpful thoughts and emotions. We also show you how to develop self-compassion so that you can process everything in a non-judgemental way without being self-critical.

Daily Mind Training:

It is all too easy to ignore our emotional wellbeing and think that it will just take care of itself. But in today’s world with its constant demands and pressures, it is easy for a few worries to become anxiety, for stress to accumulate and become low mood, for tension to build-up and turn into anger issues.

Essential Self can help keep you mentally fit and prevent these problems by working with you to promote your mental wellbeing. We can provide you with wellbeing exercises which if done regularly can help maintain your balance, boost your confidence and enhance your resilience.

After an initial telephone consultation, Essential Self will work with you to determine the best mental exercises for you. These will then be taught one-to-one over two hour long sessions.

The service takes place face-to-face in a designated room at our premises in Gargrave, or on neutral territory such as a café. If distance or time pressure is an issue, sessions can take place online via Skype. Telephone sessions are available if required.

Emotional Wellbeing Coaching: £35 for 60 minutes.

Mindfulness for Mental Health and Wellbeing: £30 for 60 minutes.

Stress Management: £30 for 60 minutes.

Daily Mind Training: £50 for telephone consultation and 2x hour sessions

Disclaimer: This is not an acute or emergency mental health service. If you feel that you need immediate crisis assistance or support, then please contact your GP or local A&E department.

Emma Davies
Tel: 07486 607420