Wellbeing At Work

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have shown that 15.4 million working days were lost to work-related stress in 2017/18. These statistics also reveal that of all working days lost in the same year, 57% related to stress, anxiety and depression.

All of this is at a cost to the individual and to the employer.

It therefore makes sense that if people manage to maintain their wellbeing, both physically and emotionally, then within work there will not only be reduced absence, but also: greater creativity, improved decision making, better working relationships, improved focus, better management of challenges, reduced staff turnover and improved confidence in individuals.

At Essential Self, we promote workplace wellbeing through 3 core principles:

  • Resilience:
    This is about boosting inner confidence, inner strength and the ability to be yourself.  By improving resilience, you can prevent stress by being strong in the face of anything the workplace can throw at you.
  • Stress Release:
    This principle focuses on the idea than we all collect negative energy on a day-to-day basis, which then builds-up and makes us feel unbalanced. Stress Release is about learning that while you are at work you can be grounded and find some inner calm.
  • Positive Attitude:
    This principle is not about making people happy, but rather about showing people how to accept life as it is. Rather than fighting with negativity, cultivating a positive attitude is a way of accepting the rough with the smooth and to maintain positivity even if things are not going according to plan.

We use these principles as a focus and framework to promote overall wellbeing.  Through this framework, Essential Self can offer a number of packages which tackle stress and other wellbeing issues head-on:

Mindfulness Workshops:

Mindfulness is one of the key ways that we promote wellbeing at Essential Self.  Evidence shows that mindfulness at work can improve specific elements within the workplace such as focus and interpersonal relationships. Within these workshops we introduce you to mindfulness and use the three areas of resilience, stress release and positive attitude as a framework to boost wellbeing.

Mindfulness workshops last 2 hours plus a break, and can each be used as a single experience or can be completed as a series.

MindBody Workshops:

Focussing on the three key areas of Resilience, Stress Release and Positive Attitude, our MindBody workshops use a holistic approach by fusing physical exercises together with mindfulness techniques and meditation.  The resulting workshops provide individuals with the techniques and skills necessary to promote individual wellbeing, whether they’re at home or at work. The workshops are 3 hours long, and provided in conjunction with Siren Fitness


These sessions teach employees how to use a variety of mindtools to promote wellbeing in the workplace. This package uses the 3 principles of resilience, stress release and positive attitude as a framework and the techniques are taught in one-hour sessions.  These can be as stand-alone sessions or as a package over 3 weeks (3 x 1hour sessions).

Stress Management:

Essential Self also provides assistance through stress management which focuses on the whole process of stress.  We help people to understand individual causes and triggers, look at improving self-awareness and teach individuals to use a variety of tools which help to manage stress within the workplace.

This can be done in two ways – either on a one-to-one basis or through a 2-hour workshop.

All workshops and sessions are held on workplace premises and can be tailored to requirement.

Prices are available on enquiry and after discussing individual need.

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